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Why feet matter is a qualitative project which aims to study the impact of foot health on people. Using an approach which is inductive and grounded in the experiences of participants we aim to develop a detailed understanding of peoples perspectives of foot health, and how foot health has an impact on people, their behaviours and their quality of life. We also aim to understand and analyse variation in how foot health impacts people across diverse populations. 

The project aim's to share peoples stories of why their feet matter. Using short, but powerful, clips of interviews with a wide range of different people who have diverse perspectives on why feet matter. 

We hope that the videos will help to recast foot health away from traditional views about corns, callus and smells to the fact that people loose limbs and make social and mobility choices, all because of foot health. 


In time, the platform will be developed into a data repository for similar data from other projects, or ours and from elsewhere (e.g. as a means of measuring outcomes). 

There is no evidence base surrounding why feet do in fact "matter" to people.  As well as improving knowledge and understanding of why feet matter, we hope that the site will help bring foot health to life. As more stories are collected we will develop a digital repository that evidences why feet matter to people across the globe. 

The digital narratives will help to bring to life the benefits of good foot health, the impact loss of foot health has and the cultural, economical, social, and other important factors that affect foot health.