Exploring and illuminating why feet matter

Created and developed at the University of Salford Why Feet Matter is a digital platform for the public, health professionals, students, academics and anyone else who wants to know more about the personal impact of foot health, foot health facts, and more about things that can impact foot health.

On the site, we host video and audio clip’s of people’s foot health stories. We will also have a public upload function for people wishing to share their stories with us, and a researcher’s toolkit for academics wishing to include or develop a qualitative public-facing element to their studies as well as foot health resources and blog.

We are interested in how “Foot health” is talked about. We aim to promote the importance of feet and foot health through people’s stories.

So Why do Feet Matter?



Please explore the platform and contact us with feedback, questions or if there is a foot health topic you feel needs illuminating